The Alps are a playground for more than just trekkers and skiers alone. Both winter and summer the Alps host a wide range of activities and sports. The excellent infrastructure of the Alps; paths and trails, ski lifts running both winter and summer, and all ranges of accommodation and transport, make it the perfect outdoor destination. Holidays and trips can be designed around just one activity, such as mountain biking week’s or golf holiday getaways. Alternatively multi-activity weeks introducing a range of experiences are a popular option too.

Getting there - All areas of the Alps can be reached within 3 hours of an international airport, often a great deal less.

Accommodation - All accommodation options are available from high quality hotels to lodges and catered camping.

Best suited to - Itineraries can be so diverse that the Alps would suit almost anyone from corporate getaway weekends, to charity challenge groups to families and schools looking for a multi-activities and adventure week’s.

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